Self-Care Sunday: The Beauty of Music

Walking through the outlet mall with my roommates yesterday, I was struck by what a perfect Saturday it was.  Georgia weather was cooperating with the month of May, and it was sunny, no hotter than 75°, with a gentle breeze blowing, making it just cool enough to wear a sweatshirt, but also for this Jersey-born girl to take it off and walk around in a tank top and yoga pants.  Separated from my roommates by something shiny in the Vera Bradley store, I took advantage of the opportunity to walk around by myself, earbuds in my ears, listening to some music that I have recently downloaded.


I have been playing with the idea of creating music playlists based on moods: one for happy moods, pensive moods, maybe for a depressed mood and definitely for the mood when it is a perfect Saturday in the springtime where the weather is cooperating and you just feel peaceful and calm and like your life is aligned exactly how it’s supposed to be.

For me, music has always been an escape.  One of my favorite things to do is drive around where I live and blast the music while I drive with the windows down, or bring earbuds on a long car drive, just to pass the time while the world flies by outside.  No matter where I’m at in my life, I can always find music to describe what I’m feeling, what’s just happened to me, and where I might have found myself on a given day.  So, today, for this Self-Care Sunday, I wanted to share some songs that are speaking to me right now, and hopefully they will give you some inspiration too.

  1. Almost There by Anika Noni Rose
  2. Quarter Life Crisis by Olivia Lane
  3. Drinking with Dolly by Stephanie Quayle
  4. Own It by Bailey Bryan
  5. Livin’ a Dream by Sara Ann Garrison
  6. No Such Thing as a Broken Heart by Old Dominion
  7. Saltwater Gospel by Eli Young Band
  8. Speak to a Girl by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  9. Welcome to the Party by Kelleigh Bannen
  10. Odds Are by Kalie Shorr

This eclectic mix is keeping me afloat right now, and maybe you will get something from these songs too!

Happy Sunday!

Stay fearless, friends (3)


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