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Remember the Good-Book Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Love Letters to a Warr;or: A Journey of Self-Love. Publishing date TBA.

Dear You

Remember the friends who were there when it seemed like no one else would be, the ones who picked you up and made sure that you didn’t fall, even though falling was the only thing that you felt like doing.

Remember the joy of late nights spent laughing, being silly and making no sense to those on the outside, throwing absurdities around like confetti, making memories that glow warm even in the cold and dark.

Remember the nighttime trips to nowhere, filled with stories and junk food, just driving to drive and enjoying the view as young hopefuls who have the whole world ahead of you, starting with that night.

Remember the times spent rooming together at summer camp, staying up late, pulling pranks, making jokes and growing closer than ever before, cementing a bond that will become lifelong.  Even if the camp was hard, at least you had each other.

Remember the love of choosing a sister, a fellow warrior who will ride into battle with you, who will stick by your side through everything and will always be there to love and support you as fiercely as family.

Remember how to have and be a cheerleader, cheering each other on through all the crazies of life, no matter what you conquer, big or small, celebrating each other’s accomplishments or attempts, no matter what size.

Remember when a simple cup of coffee could be a religious experience, sitting together and laughing, talking about the complexities of life and all the things that you love making forever memories over something so humble.

Remember the phone calls or visits that happen when the rest of the world was long asleep, the ones who were there to welcome you with open arms when you felt like you would succumb to the darkness, ready to give in to the demons.

Remember the strength you get from being a friend, the intimacy and the closeness that it creates.  There are very few people you will have in this life who love you like friends, and the love, the relationship, is special.

Remember to thank those friends every now and again, for all the things they do for you.  You will never again find people like them in your life, and those are the relationships you’ll cherish in even the darkest times.
Remember the gift of friendship in the times of great stress and struggle, and all the people for whom you hold on to this world, even when you are in the deepest darkest hole.

Remember all the journals that you could fill with the love and strength and empowerment and laughter that you have collected from your friends over the years, and all the smiles that you get from the memories.

Remember to, every once in a while, reach out your hand and be a friend to someone else, someone new.  You never know, you might end up with a whole new set of laughs.



Book Excerpt, General, Life Talk

Love is Louder

The following is an excerpt from my book Love Letters to a Warr;or: A Journey of Self Love publish date TBA.  Just sharing thi


Love is louder than self-harm, than hate, than racism,

Than bigotry, than war and all the ugly redness that

Covers our society today and causes

Good people, educated, God-fearing, well-raised people

To throw around word grenades as simply as if they were

Balls of paper tossed around at lunchtime under a teacher’s eagle eye.


Love is louder.


Love is louder than the disregard for that person that you pass on the street,

Begging for something, anything from the cars that pass by,

Just another way to get them through that day,

Stay alive for another 24 hours, even though they have to do it all again in the morning.

They look grungy, undesirable, lonely, pitiful, ignored, forgotten,

Blending into the background, in desperate need of someone to ask them their story.


Love is louder.


Love is louder than the bullies on the bus, and, when we get older, the bullies that we live with.

All the people that try to cut you down and tell you that you’re worth nothing more

Than the dirt under their fingernails, tear you down just so that they can

Rise up themselves and take everything from everyone because they need to feel powerful.

The hurtful words that tear through you like a knife, the punches and slaps that take the

Shine away from you because they never learned what love is and means and looks like.


Love is louder.


Love is louder than the little voice inside you that says “you can’t”

The one that creeps into your nightmares and your daydreams

Curling around your wrists and ankles, ensnaring you in its trap

Of paralysis and fear and self-doubt.

That little voice might be loud at times, and berating while you strain

Against the shackles, but it can always be droned out because:


Love is louder.


Love is louder than the mistakes you’ve made along the way, the little slip-ups and messes and Downright disasters that you’ve sometimes caused in your journey.

Those reasons that sometimes you feel people look at you and think that you’re no good,

No good for the job, no good for the boy or no good for more than what you have now.

Think of all the times you look at your life and feel like there is nothing more for you to try

Because you’ll just mess it up anyway.  Always remember:


Love is louder.


Love is louder than the disgust that you feel when you look in the mirror,

The criticism that you always have for your figure,

And the neon lights you add to the parts of you that you deem ugly.

You’re convinced that everyone you pass on the street is pointing out your flaws

For their friends to notice and laugh about since they have never seen someone that gross,

Even though, in reality, you’re the only one who knows what you hate about yourself.


Love is louder.


Love is louder than your fears, your doubts, and your stresses.

Love will be there to drown out your objections, your questions and your misdirections

Until you stop looking down on yourself and find a way to show yourself kindness.

Love is there when no one else is, self-love, and by loving yourself,

You can overwhelm the haters and prove to them that you’re strong, you’re powerful,

You’re a fighter and that you know, you will always know:
Love is louder.




Stay fearless, friends (3)

Self-Care Sunday

Self-Care Sunday: Take Yourself to Dinner

Ah, here we are to Sunday again.  Hopefully we will just get the post in before midnight, and we can still count it as Sunday.  A little late this week, but I still want to be loyal to my series.  So, here we go.

Tonight, dear reader, I had a date.  A long overdue date, and one that I was really looking forward to.  It was a date that I should have gone on a long time ago, and one that I constantly put off.  I had a date with myself.

I eat by myself most of the time.  My roommates and I eat dinner at different times, or I take my lunch breaks alone so I can decompress from working, even on the weekends I don’t often eat with people.  However, even still, taking myself out to dinner is a completely different thing.

All weekend, I have been craving Applebee’s, but I couldn’t get someone to go with me.  So, I decided that I would take myself to dinner and use the time for reflection and peace.  With me, I took along Jamie Tworkowski’s If You Feel Too Much, a book that I have been yearning to read since I bought it almost 2 years ago.  And tonight, the time that I had set aside to spend with me, I thought would be a perfect time to read it.  While I can’t read a 200 page book in an hour (not for lack of trying), I already know that this is going to be a special book.  Jamie has an amazing story and an amazing spirit, and even just reading the 30 or so pages that I have, I can tell that it’s going to be a special book.

Be encouraged. Your heart is writing a poem on the world and it’s being turned into a thousand songs.

-Don Miller

The above is a quote from the foreword, written by Donald Miller.  Just one of those quotes that I want to write all over my walls for me to remember, mixed in with my other beautiful quotes.  If Jamie can inspire people to merely say these things about him, imagine what he has to say, and already, I am finding that out.

So, by now, you’re probably wondering why the heck I started off talking about taking myself to dinner and morphed into discussing a book.  I will tell you.  Because I was treating myself to dinner and peace, with a book that I wanted to read and taking some time that I had scheduled with myself.  It was long overdue, and I left it feeling refreshed and renewed.  I was taking the time to treat myself like a person, a person deserving of respect and care too.

  1. Treat yourself like a person
  2. Don’t be afraid of eating alone
  3. Do things that refresh you
  4. Remember that you and your body deserve as much respect as a stranger

Treat Yourself

Stay fearless, friends (3)